About me

Steven Højlund (Ph.D.) is a writer, podcaster entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and public speaker. His work focuses on business- and product strategy as well as workforce management, leadership and life-coaching.

Steven Højlund (Ph.D.) is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and researcher. He writes about digital product management and strategy as well as leadership and management with a focus on transformative and trust-based leadership and employee-centric management. 

Steven’s experience spans from management consulting, digital entrepreneurship, product- and program management and researcher. He received his Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School and worked as a research fellow at Stanford University. He has started multiple companies and worked and consulted several scale-ups. He has implemented intrapreneurship programs in several large European companies – including Novo Nordisk – with a focus on changing leadership and management to accommodate agile processes. 

He currently runs several companies within marketing consulting and real-estate. He has taught at European universities and at the Google Success Online-program and continues to teach and talk about product strategy, management, and leadership.