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Podcast: 'Søger noget seriøst'

Find love or improve your dating life

Finding love through dating can be hard – I interview daters, experts and coaches on their experience about dating in Denmark. (Episodes are mainly in Danish).

The podcast is for the single person, who tries to find their way through the jungle that dating has become. Never has it been easier to find singles through dating apps and on the internet, and yet more and more people live alone. Dating is a world full of paradoxes and dilemmas. We go through them all in the dating podcast ‘Søger noget seriøst – Fra dating til kærlighed og kæreste’.  

Book: Make an app business

Have an idea for an app? Look no further.

Do you have an idea for an app or a business? – ‘How to make an app business’ is a step-by-step guide to how you go about making an app business going from idea to finalized app product ready to monetize. 

The book guides you from the very first step of your journey to the end, where your app is finished and you need to make it a profitable business. Throughout the chapters, you find models and easy-to-read guides for each step including the tough decisions around choosing technology platform, building a team and deciding on the winning features in your earliest version. 

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